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My husband and I have tried a number of different coffee brands because we're always looking for a great brew. We have been loving Regular Joe Coffee! It's smooth and not overpowering. Really a perfect cup of coffee. We highly recommend Regular Joe coffee!


Hubby jokes around here about making "5-minute coffee" (as in, you've got 5 minutes to get to a toilet!). We take regularity seriously, obviously. But I love a cuppa with some personality - great flavor and feeling like a treat to start the day. This is that coffee. Already ordered our second bag - it's really good!


While I don't know "Regular Joe" personally, I can say that after drinking this coffee, I am sure to be soon known as "Regular Jason". Works as advertised, highly recommended.


My grinder went empty this weekend so it was time to reload with Regular Joe Coffee and give it a try. I grind by the cup and use a single cup cone drip with a bleached paper filter. Opening the bag I noted that the beans where chestnut brown and the aroma was redolent of a light toast. Once ground the coffee takes on the color of hot cocoa and a fragrance that hints of nuttiness. Brewing brings about a frothy head and a quick drip. The coffee is smooth, subtle and non-acidic. Interestingly, when the coffee goes cold it does not go bitter. I imagine this would make an excellent iced coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up.


All I'm looking for with my morning brew is a regular cup of coffee that tastes good, wakes me up, and gets me going for the day.Well, this is a great tasting coffee that helps wake me up and does indeed get me going. Nothing more to say as it ticks all the boxes. So stop reading this and go buy some!


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